Tekna 2.0 gives a great variety of solutions, with the possibility to have 4 different kind of handles, in order to obtain the best outcome according to your aesthetic sense. Four different ways to represent a style and the creativity in a kitchen space. An image tale developed with a global approach, from the project to the composition, to the choice of the new finishing, to the contextualized space, to create solution with a recognizable and coherent style. Tekna 2.0 represents a complete kitchen to define the space according to the different design and architecture languages.
A kitchen environment designed for users who seek quality and appreciate details and search for products capable of expressing identifying values.
The well-arranged space within the house, where most innovating technologies and advanced solutions have been devised of late. This kitchen project is in keeping with this conception, and is designed to fit all lifestyles, all needs, and all tastes, and to satisfy one’s vision of space.
Innovative kitchen furnishing, featuring overall flexibility and compact design. Born to meet the most demanding needs, Tatoo becomes a wide-open project offering modular systems with high added value finishes. A refined kitchen that gratifies you with unique moments.
The excellence of made in Italy design, a high range project that stands for the wealth of chromatic and aesthetic innovations, for the wide modularity and for materials with a strong personality like material aspect, stainless steel, matte and glossy white. Kitchen systems characterized by simplicity and elegance for a refined taste and consistent values for the conceptual design kitchen-living room.
A house to be lived in, spaces that are in step with the today’s pace and the changing habits. A home that doesn’t need to be big to be rich in settings, possibilities and different rooms.
The contemporary classic. Ginger is a collection that takes care of what you do every day in the kitchen, an emotional yet ergonomic product. A target that understands and appreciates the emotion of a unique design with a strong character, the result of know-how and skill that Ginger expresses like no other product. An important and elegant classic, the rite of hospitality in a kitchen that is increasingly becoming shared space and open onto the living room. A strong personality, perfect for a kitchen that takes its place at the centre of the home without having to hide itself.
A creative kitchen, even in its tiniest details.
Aesthetic is matched with function. Form and content, together, to create products that help us to live better.
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